O.C.O.A. has ten practical solutions to end generations of hopelessness in America based on decades of primary data and life experiences. These ten solutions will reduce poverty and crime while strengthening families, revitalizing communities, placing veterans first, and developing a robust workforce in America.


Workforce Development

PRO is a 24-month pilot, focusing on individuals ages 18-24, by addressing their lack of foundational skills, work experience, marketable skills, and environmental trauma.


PRO’s mission is to produce a well-trained, qualified employee, or successful entrepreneur. PRO’s approach is to train each participant as an employee who trained to own his or her own business.



Pathway To Independence (PTI) is an initiative to provide entrepreneurial training, mentoring, and financial support to youth, and existing small business owners in Urban Communities.


PTI focuses on re-purposing community small businesses, training local youth in entrepreneurship. Each recipient must work hard and follow the rules of the agreement to provide them with the HIGHEST chance for success.


Strengthening Families

Dreamersville is a place to Live, Learn, and Innovate. It promotes opportunities for individuals who may not otherwise get a fair chance to become entrepreneurs, innovators, or wealthy.

​​Dreamersville purchases devalued commercial real estate and re-purposes it as business incubators and innovation accelerators. Each campus requires training in coding, QuickBooks, sales, and a service-minded attitude.


Strengthening Families

Rural America Emergence (R.A.E.) addresses the fact that 85% of persistent poverty exists in rural America. According to U.S.D.A. Based on that fact, R.E.A. seeks to drive economic prosperity in Rural Communities by focusing on agriculture, housing, and manufacturing.

R.A.E. will cultivate agriculture partnerships with rural and urban youth and help build affordable housing within self-sustaining communities. R.A.E. will focus on using green technology and American steel when constructing homes and commercial facilities.


Strengthening Families

Real support is a national child support apprenticeship and family wellness pilot designed for those that owe or owed unpaid child support to help strengthen families. According to CNN Money (via the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement in 2012), noncustodial parents owed over $100 billion, including 37.5 million parents.

​The child support divide has kept children from a biological parent. It has caused pure hate to exist in many families. Real support will provide an opportunity to pay down back child support and help to heal families.



Workforce Development / Entrepreneurship

Buy a Block is an opportunity for residents to assist with the purchasing of urban blocks in poverty-stricken communities for revitalization.  Revitalization will allow residents to enjoy safer and financially healthier neighborhoods. Too often in our Urban Communities (inner cities), the residents own extraordinarily little. The lack of ownership/equity equates to high rates of poverty, little community pride, and high crime rates.

​Buy a Block will allow those who often speak of making a difference to invest in not just real estate but also people. O.C.O.A. seeks to invest in people Block by Block to provide equity and sustainability.


Workforce Development / Strengthening Families

iTHINK Solutions (iS) delivers innovative, viable, and practical solutions to solve age-old and modern issues that plague hard to reach and historically underserved communities. iS models focus on results that produce metrics, provide transferable data, and reduce the burden of government while protecting taxpayers against waste and fraud.


iS's mission is to license their signature solutions to smaller local nonprofits that traditionally receive little to no funding but have the heart and fortitude to get the job done.


Strengthening Families

We Are Going Home is a community policing initiative designed to save lives and create a sense of trust between citizens and police officers.  American lives have ended too soon from both citizens and peace officers at an alarming rate, and lack of faith is the number one issue.

We all must trust the badge and what it represents. We Are Going Home will provide educational training, for both peace officers and citizens. The desired outcome focuses on how to react and deal with adverse situations to ensure that everyone returns home safely.

Connecting Entrepreneurs To Money


Work With Experts


Grow Your Business


Achieve Your Goals



Opportunity Centers of America (O.C.O.A.) seeks to bring change to American Urban Communities through job training, real estate revitalization, strengthening families, and social issue education. O.C.O.A. was formed after the 2016 election cycle and is dedicated to helping ALL AMERICANS – regardless of race, religion, or political affiliations. During the election cycle, a great depth of unfavorable conditions was discovered in America's Urban Communities, causing O.C.O.A. founder to vow to bring a positive change into those communities.


O.C.O.A.'s mission is to Restore Families Across America by addressing a lack of opportunities, the broken family unit, and issues of safety. For O.C.O.A. to fulfill its mission, it also serves Rural America through various partnerships. O.C.O.A. plans to provide multiple opportunities that will positively affect future generations. O.C.O.A. requires individuals to participate in their projects to have some level of personal investment. History has demonstrated that those with skin in the game fight harder for a successful outcome. When one is required and rewarded for thinking BIG, greatness will follow.


Strengthening Families, Workforce, and Business Development

V.E.T.S. (Veterans Essentials Transitional System) focuses on practical solutions is a 4 x 4 plan. VETS 4 x4 project addresses the following four issues in 4 years.

1. Housing

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Health

4. Employment 

Each issue plays a significant role in completing the process of a healthy and productive individual.



Preserving The Future 

Lighting Up 2020 mission is to provide specialized training to 2020 High Seniors that were impacted by COVID-19.  Each trainee will have an opportunity to partner with O.C.O.A to become the most productive direct marketing arm ever to exist.

Beyond the financial impact for each youth, the success of Lighting Up 2020 will reduce the number of Undeserved households, thus creating healthier families and communities.


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