Giving Rural America Committed Essentials

GRACE (Giving Rural Americans Committed Essentials) is collaboration between the South Carolina Opportunity Center (SCOC), Opportunity Centers of America (OCA), RFAA FUND (Restoring Families Across America), SANTA (Struggling Americans American Network Taking Actions) and Youth Promoter to provide essentials such as transportation and home ownership while increasing the quality of life for ALICE.             

ALICE is a United Way acronym that stands  for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The mission of GRACE is to provide working Americans with the opportunity to obtain the American Dream within a 3 year period.


GRACE is a five year pilot focusing on the State of Carolina and SrikeForce counties of bordering states within a two hour drive of the South Carolina Opportunity Center. The boarding states are Georgia and North Carolina.  GRACE goal is to create 655 small business ownership opportunities earning a living wage and 15,000 youth business owners within three years of commencement. The plan is to have up to 150 youth per country and a total of 100 counties. The youth will be team up in groups of twenty-five and be monitored by a project advisor, administrative assistant and a logistics manager.


The youth participants will include minorities, socially disadvantaged, females and youth with autism. The ages will range from  10 thru 20 and they will be trained how to operate a productive agriculture business.


GRACE will take at a two-pronged approach for sustainability. The first one will be to make sure that each participant has reliable transportation and a family plan to acquire home ownership. For those that already have reliable transportation and home ownership but limited income through GRACE partners will provide WRATH to assist them.