The attached P.P.P. loan application submission is in protest to the egregious, constructive discrimination by S.B.A. and many lenders. The S.B.A. replaced racist tactics such as redlining with 940s, 941's, and 944's. Throughout American history, government agencies and lenders have had their knees on the neck of black-owned and underserved businesses. We do not use the name minority owned because all ethnic groups can qualify as minority-owned when beneficial for them.


COVID-19, through the C.A.R.E.S. A.C.T., was supposed to level the playing field and protect the backbone of America, all Small Businesses. Instead, it has furthered the agenda of discrimination and white supremacy by those with badges, ink pens, in ties, within boardrooms, and elected officials. The K.K.K. arrogantly took off their sheets and took up positions to carry out their intent.


While you might deny this P.P.P. loan, stating your version of principle reasons, we are prepared, willing, and able to take legal action against the S.B.A. and its complicit partners. 

Executed PPP Loan Application
Corporate Docs 
Good Faith / Self Certification For Use of Funds 
Budget Detailing Use of Funds 
Project Funds will facilitate - KODO 
H.R. 748 C.A.R.E.S ACT
Why Does Underserved and Black Businesses Have To Fight For Equality in 2020?