OCOA Membership

OCOA’s vision for all its members is to assist them in SAVING AND MAKING MONEY. 


Who Should Become A Member? 

  • Youth that wants to be their boss

  • Start-Up Businesses 

  • Existing Businesses wanting to make more money.

  • Anyone that dreams of starting a business. 


Why Should I Become A Member?

  • You now have a voice speaking for you. 

  • You receive a team of knowledge. 

  • You get back-office support at no to low cost.

  • You receive up to 75% of OCOA services.

Membership Goals

COVID-19 forced the reimaging of many businesses for the sake of survival, but more importantly, it demonstrated America’s lack of value for micro-small business owners, their families, and communities. Elected officials and government agencies continually fail to understand the needs and daily struggle of historically Underserved and Rural Market businesses with less than ten employees. OCOA, based on primary data, is focused on providing back-office support for socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners. 


Many small businesses were discriminated against in the allocation of funds during the first two rounds of COVID-19 funding based on paperwork. To avoid that in future funding as it relates to COVID-19 or just regular funding, OCOA developed an initiative called KODO. Keeping Our Doors Open (KODO) focuses on three principles which are: rescue, restore, and recover. The three principles address Operations, Marketing, and Finance.



  • HR Management

  • Payroll

  • Insurance & Retirement Program and development 

  • Operations Management

  • Growth Projections 

  • Contingency Planning 

  • Legal Assistance 



  • Target Audience Research & Development 

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Plan Execution  



  • Tax Planning, Preparation, and Support 

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Using QuickBooks

  • Financial Literacy

  • Business Credit Advocacy 

  • Business Lending 


Registered OCOA members pay an annual registration fee and a monthly small participation fee that allows them to obtain back-office support at a bulk rate. The number of members will enable the delivery of the above services at an economy of scale. 

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