Meet Paul

McCowan Trade School (MTS) is the brainstorm ideal for Mr. Paul McCowan. The inspiration came to him in 1990 when he started his second business. Mr. McCowan had observed over time that the quality of work in the concrete field was deteriorating. Mr. McCowan has always taken pride in the quality of his work and consistently delivers a superior custom job, regardless of the job or customer. The main reason for his success is that he believes the “old-school way” - that your word is your bond - this is the key element to success and needs to be brought back, modeled, and taught to the people. Since starting his business in 1990, he has never had to advertise. He has provided excellent work and has never had a dissatisfied customer. 


In addition to valuing his business customers, Mr. McCowan believes in giving back to the community in various ways. He has donated to Habitat for Humanity by pouring driveways and patios. Due to his background and knowledge in construction, the Habitat for Humanity team was able to build one hundred houses in one week. 


He also had the incredible opportunity of traveling to Durban, South Africa, in 2002 with former president Jimmy Carter. During the South Africa trip, he served as a crew leader. Mr. McCowan has also donated concrete work to various school projects in conjunction with LaFarge Concrete Company.