State Marketing Partner

The goal of OCOA in partnership with CSB Coalition is to provide back-office services to 2 million US businesses with less than ten employees. OCOA will serve as a marketing department focusing on the acquisition of relationship partners, members, and service providers.  OCOA will set a target number per state based on its size and the number of businesses within the state.

OCOA will provide services for free or at the cost to each registered and active member. The cost to become a member is an annual fee of $99.95 and a recurring fee of $29.95 monthly. 


To effectively capture the 2 million members, OCOA will partner with individuals and companies that will be known as State Marketing Partners (SMP). An SMP will assist with acquiring the set goal of business for their perspective state.  Based on the state's size and the number of companies, a specific number of SMP positions are available.

Marketing campaigns per state will vary, but all will include social media, tv ads, and some form of ground support. Each official SMP will share 20% of the annual registration fee and monthly recurring income. For example, a state that acquires 25,000 members.


  •        25,000 = Community Small Businesses

  • x      $99.95 = Annual Registration Fee

  • $2,498,750 = Gross Revenue Received 

  • x          20% = SMP Shared Gross Revenue Pool

  • $   499,750 = Shared with Number of SMP positions in the state

  • /              20 = SMP in this specific State

  • $24.987.50 = Annual Monies to each SMP


  •        25,000 = Community Small Businesses

  • x     $29.95 = Annual Registration Fee

  • $   623,750 = Gross Revenue Received

  • x         20% = SMP Shared Revenue Pool

  • $  124,750 = Shared with Number of SMP positions in the state

  • /             20 = SMP in this specific State

  • $  6,237.50 = Monthly Monies to each SMP

The Cost to Become a State Marketing Partner is $2,500.00. If you desire to become an SMP, click your state, click on the map and complete the process. Once registered,each SMP will be assigned an ID number. 

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